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In a strange way, I feel disappointed. Heart disease, substance abuse, suicide, etc. things were not suppose to end this way. This show had various "hosts" over the many years it ran and had different stories each week based around the Death Valley area. Robert Taylor hosted the most (77) episodes. Other well known hosts are: Ronald Reagan (before becoming Governor of California), Dale Robertson, and Tom Skeritt. Just after the ban was introduced in August, a group of Chicago restaurateurs joined forces in an act of civil and delicious disobedience, staging a foie gras feast on a grand scale. Some wonder whether the foie gras bust of Hot Doug's signals a rise of the politically correct food police.Animal rights activists and supporters of the foie gras ban say the food's production process is cruel and inhumane. The 25 million ducks and geese raised each year for this purpose are made ready by being overfed in the weeks before slaughter so that their livers become huge, tender and buttery.That process was enough to turn Chef Charlie Trotter off foie gras for good.

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